Sabr Attorneys is a boutique law practice which offers an array of bespoke services in the most contemporary form.


The firm is forged from the gold-dust of ethics, innovation, diligence, professionalism, integrity and hard-work. With laser-focus on our numerous clients, over the years, we have built a culture of not just meeting the expectations of our clients by indeed surpassing them.

We are a forward-looking law practice and also seek to stay ahead of the curve in respect of new aspects of the profession by adapting to the dynamic business and economic landscape on which our clients operate.

In specifics, we are keen to establish ourselves as a leading legal service provider to the ethical economy which is bourgeoning market with immense potentials for growth. The construct of that space aligns, more deeply, with our long-term goal of providing quality legal service through the furnace of integrity.


We have a formidable team of Attorneys, paralegals and support staff. The team is rich with consummate experience in various aspect of legal practice and keen to problem-solve when engaged.