Country Farm and Business Management

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Country farm and business planning is the process of planning all aspects of an agricultural business in order to maximise income and profit. It is a complex undertaking that requires a range of technical, human and economic conceptual and analytical abilities. The difficulty is that the result of an activity is dependent on conditions that cannot be predicted and requires a certain amount of flexibility when faced with uncertainty.

Business and farming are closely connected and a successful farmer needs to consider both sides of the business equation. They will need to plan their production based on the market price and climate conditions as well as be an effective financial manager by planning future funding plans and evaluating progress towards the goals set.

It is crucial that the business owner has sufficient income from other sources to cover his operating costs and to provide a safety for unexpected situations or emergency situations. Additionally there must be adequate public facilities be made available to accommodate visitors and customers (e.g. parking signage, education, customer assistance).

Many ranches and farms provide an educational experience to their guests. This can include information on food and fiber production as well as the management of land and the background of farming. This is a fantastic way to keep customers coming back and attracting new ones and is usually appreciated by the general public. It is possible to get funding from a state or local organization to help pay the cost of education.

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