We operate through specialized practice groups


This group deals primarily with conflict management. We are proficient in litigation, negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. There are two units under this group which are; Litigation Unit (“LU”) and Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit (“ADRU”). Each of these units are manned by highly skilled Attorneys.

Our Litigation Unit handled all forms of civil and criminal matters from Magistrate Courts to the Supreme Court and have recorded numerous successes whilst at it.

We have carved a niche for ourselves as a foremost ADR practice with our work with both local and international ADR centres.


Transactions are the heartbeat of commercial interactions between people or entities. They occur in all spectrum of human existence and are sometimes multi-dimensional with overlapping features.

Our team are able to carefully unpack the surrounding facts in other to unearth the nitty-gritty of the commercial engagement. This helps in immensely in providing the legal framework for midwifing such transactions or commercial engagement from being merely aspirational as between parties, to being a reality in line with their strict desires.

Our capacity to offer transaction advisory services cuts across all sectors/human endeavour including, Conventional Finance, Islamic Finance, Insolvency/Debt Recovery, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, Construction, Environment, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Agriculture, Sports, Military, Employment and Mergers/Acquisitions.


The creation of entities and conferment of juristic personalities on them is strictly regulated by law therefore, entities require the guidance of firms like ours to navigate through the labyrinth of those legislations.

Our team of highly trained and competent Attorneys offer tailor-made solutions in the areas of formation of companies, effecting mandatory filings with relevant government agencies, draft Board Charters, establish sound Corporate Governance Regimes, cover statutory meetings and update filings with Corporate Affairs Commission, manage taxation issues, developing Standard Operating Procedures and general record keeping.

In some cases, we embed our staff, through secondment, in the organization at the early stage to help us understand the unique demands of the business and also provide hands-on solutions to current problems.


Corporate compliance represents one of the most crucial aspects in the life of a business because the risk of non-compliance hits directly at the bottom-line of the business and therefore could become existential.

Our goal is to insulate our clients from such risks by proactively identifying the various compliance requirements, leverage our relationship with regulatory agencies to achieve a collaborative and not combative relationship as well as aid our clients attain full compliance overtime.

We provide the allied services of due diligence, vendor verification, documentation, procurement support, process /performance audit and stress testing for corporations. We also have Compliance 360 as a subsidiary and its major focus is providing compliance solutions to clients.


Under this group, our team provide legal solutions to clients whose cases fall under:

i. Family Law: We handle family disputes, child adoption/guardianship, judicial separations and divorces.

ii. Immigration laws: We work to provide our clients with necessary support on immigration matters both within and outside Nigeria. We have recorded successes in helping them obtain Work Permit, Stay Permit, CEPAC and citizenship. For clients seeking to immigrate abroad, our legal services have also come in handy.

iii. Personal Law: We guide our clients in drafting their Wills, making codicils, setting up Trusts to manage their assets, distribute inheritance under Islamic Law and act as Administrators of their Estate where so appointed.

iv. Public Policy & Human Rights Practice: As Sabr Attorneys is an organic being existing in a functional society, we take interest in the happenings around us. Particularly, government policies and how they impact the general populace. We offer our advice where we consider them well-thought-out and challenge government actions where we consider them ill-digested.

On human rights, we are avid in our belief in the sanctity of the guaranteed rights under chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution and have not hesitated to take steps to enforce them when instructed by our clients.

v. Property/Maritime Law Practice: In this area, our services include property management, agency, transaction-structuring, preparation of title documents, registration of title documents at any Land Registry in Nigeria, preparation/registration of mortgages, ship acquisition, ship registration and insurance advisory.